What if I always have three choices?

There are times when we find ourselves in a situation we don’t like and it feels as if we have no choice but to stay exactly where we are. We resent the situation and thus, feel frustrated, overwhelmed and unhappy.

When it feels like you have no choice, consider these three options: accept the situation for what it is; change it; or remove yourself from it.


To consider each option, think about:

  1. Accepting the situation for what it is, an internal journey of making peace with it. Look at the situation from different angles, including the perspectives of others involved, and choose to give it a more empowering meaning. Ask yourself:
  • What can I learn from this to help me become an even better person?
  • How can I help others with my new learning?
  1. Changing the situation, which starts with an internal decision followed by external action. Ask yourself:
  • Who do I need to be and what do I need to do to cause this change?
  1. Removing yourself from the situation, which is a choice you can make after realising that you can’t change it or choose not to. Ask yourself:
  • How will this decision contribute to my happiness and therefore the happiness of the people I care about?

This card chose you to remind you of your power in this situation. You have a choice, you always have and always will. You are a strong, courageous, powerful woman and you already have everything you need to deal with the consequences of your choices.

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