Confident Woman Freedom cards

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A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook
By: Eva Lenghart



These 44 cards and their supporting guidebook will gently prompt you into deeper self-awareness by centring you in an authentic sense of self. From here, you can make empowering decisions that will assist you in reaping tremendous benefits, both now and in your future.

As you reflect on each card, the artwork stimulates your feelings and self-awareness, while the questions and guidebook will direct your thoughts to identify practical actions to support you on your journey.

Live your most powerful and rewarding life as a confident and free woman; a conscious creator of your desired experience.
Make your life an example for others. Like a ripple that flows out from a central point, you will contribute to making this world an even better place, now and for future generations.

11 reviews for Confident Woman Freedom cards

  1. Alani

    I love these cards! So amazing. The are not only beautiful with the gold trimming, but they give me clarity every time I need an answer. Simply my favourite cards to date.

  2. Rashi Rajen

    Confident Woman Freedom Cards is the one of the best personal development card I’ve bought for myself. It has changed my life for the better. I’m more confident than ever and feel comfortable in my own skin.

  3. Amber Patterson

    I am an energy healer and these Confident Woman Freedom Cards came at the perfect time in my life. They are such beautiful cards not only in their appearance but the wisdom that sits within the energy of them. Such loving guidance that will give you that extra bit of confidence to start something new, keep aiming high, or love yourself and your life more. I recommend these cards to any woman (or man) who wants to find connection with source energy anytime anywhere! You don’t need to be an energy healer to communicate with the universe, you just need to believe in yourself and feel your heart. These cards will help you in doing this. LOVE THEM!

  4. Ximena

    I’m loving the Confident Woman Freedom Cards.
    I’m finding the What if questions to be thought provoking. After reading the information in the booklet I also find myself thinking about it th through the day . They are different from other cards that I use. ???

  5. Marlene

    This is an inspiring, beautifully illustrated and special deck of freedom cards. The booklet contains a vast depth of insight and the activity section is very helpful for self development! This is a worthwhile treasure and perfect gift.

  6. Italia Stathopoulos

    I love these cards. They speak straight to my intuition and help me on my daily quest for connection to self.

  7. Veronica Strachan

    I received a deck of Eva’s Confident Woman Freedom Cards from Cassi and have been loving the artwork, messages and activities. They are a lovely blend of the intuitive and practical, and so beautifully presented. The cards feel sleek and the images are gorgeous. It’s been a pleasure to draw one each day and spend some time contemplating. Thank you.

  8. Tam

    What I know for sure is that we know what’s right for us better than anybody else. The Confident Woman Freedom Cards will help you trust in yourself and learn to go within to find the answers you need. Every time I have used my cards I am amazed at how well the response suits the question I have asked. The book beautifully guides you to explore your options to better create the life you want to live. These cards are powerful, inspiring and so much fun!
    Thank you Eva, I am truly grateful.

  9. Deb Small

    I have just received my beautiful Confident Woman Freedom Cards. I have been using them every morning and it sets the tone for my day. Not only are they a beautiful set of cards, but they are thought provoking which I truly love. I will be purchasing more sets for gifts for some of the amazing women in my life. Thank you Eva for creating these amazing cards with love and caring. Deb xx

  10. Meg Fisher

    These Confident Woman Freedom cards are stunning and I am absolutely in love with them.

  11. Mary

    I received my cards today, after, the quarantine in JFK, N.Y. I absolutely adore these cards!, the art work is spectacular and just resonates so easily! Eva is a pleasure to communicate with in terms of the little delay. I saw these on You Tube, and knew they were exceptional! Excellent paper stock, vibrant art work, gold embellishment. They ask you a question, make you think and they are total quality! So happy I ordered them! Thank you so very much Eva! Very happy with my purchase. Order them and you will be too! XOXO-Mary

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