What if I love and accept myself as I am right now?

Card number 4 from deck of Confident Woman Freedom cards

When you give yourself the gift of loving and accepting yourself for who you truly are right now, happiness will become your natural way of life, instead of a hoped-for destination.

o  Have you been choosing to spend your present moments criticising yourself?

o  Have you been neglecting to notice the greatness in you?

o  What impact do you think your self-criticism is having on your life…your health…your level of self-love and acceptance?

When you feel unhappy, you disregard the valuable opportunity to feel good in that moment. The change takes place right here, right now in your mind!

No matter how long you’ve been choosing not to truly love and accept yourself, the power to shift is available to you right now, in the present moment.

Your own past thoughts and beliefs have created your current view of yourself. Whatever you choose to think and believe about yourself right now will create your view of yourself in the future. You get to be whatever you choose to think! This moment is a point of power for you, where your chance to change begins. Will you take this moment and make it count?


Become more mindful of the thoughts and words with which you choose to label yourself.

Ask yourself:
o  How does that make me feel?

Then answer the following questions:
o  How would I like to feel instead? Describe this new feeling in detail.
o  What thoughts and words can I choose to label myself with, to help me feel this way?
o  Place your focus on feeling this way even more.

You are an amazingly beautiful woman inside and out. This card chose you to remind you of this. Its direct message to you is, “Please remember to remind yourself of your extraordinary beauty as often as you can.”

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