Last Friday I’ve recorded my first video , speaking about Confident Woman Freedom cards.
My inner critic thought that I needed to be a particular way to project certain first impression. So I wrote my “perfect” script and read it in front of the camera.
When I watched the video I appeared distant, disconnected and incongruent.
I thought I had to plan who I had to be, in order to be received in a desired way … instead of trusting myself and being it.
Such an old pattern of mine that used to be a big part of my younger years existence.
I realised. When doing something for the first time, the inner critic gets louder, as it doesn’t have a reference of success for this new experience.
This is just my self-protection in disguise. “If I make you feel less then who you truly are, you won’t venture outside of your current comfort zone, stay where you are … which is safe.” My response to that is, “but safe is life restricting, small and boring.” And I want my life to be so much more then that.
So I’ve decided turn my “perfect” script into few bullet points and when being filmed again, trust my heard to fill in the blanks.
I’m so grateful for this reminder … Don’t plan how you need to be in order to be liked. Instead, be the person you like being and shine
People are going to love and/or judge you, whether you are being real or rehearsed, so you might as well choose to be real

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