While getting ready in the morning, I found myself feeling overwhelmed. I was making assumptions about what people in my life wanted and how me not being able to deliver would decrease my connection with them.
Then tried to come up with solutions, while creatively constructing new negative assumptions on how that would lead to the same outcome as above.
Feeling more and more tension, confusion and overwhelm.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Brought my awareness to the tension in my body, then to the emotions I was feeling and back tracked to my thoughts that triggered them and laughter out loud.

“Wow! I sure know how to get myself worked up.” I thought.

One of my Confident Woman Freedom cards with this question, came to my mind: “What if I focus on the facts, instead of making assumptions?” I immediately knew I was going to be brave and speak to the people about my assumed concerns and obtain the facts.

Then continued getting ready, where as now, I changed my perspective from being in the experience, to being the observer of it.
The same story continued to make an appearance, where as now I observed it with a sense of curiosity. Questioning it’s validity and foundation. Watching the emotional tantrum slowly losing its intensity.
I’m so grateful for mindfulness and the knowing that I have a choice which thoughts I feed

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