Last Wednesday I chose to entertain my inner critic.
Had cup of coffee for breakfast and a light vegetable soup for lunch. At 3pm hit a brick wall, finding it hard to concentrate and therefore getting through my work very slowly. I knew my poor choice of diet was the main contributing factor to the way I was feeling.
Yet, I kept entertaining a continuous self-depreciating loop, which went something like this. “I’m not doing enough as I’m finding it hard to concentrate. I should eat some food to feel better. But I can’t as I need to keep going to get this done and therefore don’t have the time to eat.”
Observing this down spiralling loop, I attempted to shift my mental focus by asking questions like. “Will this matter in 3 years time?” Then attempted to bring my focus to the present, by focusing on my breath. And also did some EFT tapping. But only received momentary relief before my critic visited again.
Feeling exhausted I finally got up, ate nutritious food, drank 1L of water and rested for 5min while paying attention to the warmth of the cup of tea in my hands.
I watched the inner battle slowly ease into more peaceful place. Came back to my work with a clear mind and finished what I needed to do.
Sometimes I forget what an important part our physical body plays on our mental and emotional state.
I suppose you wouldn’t expect your car to run on an empty petrol tank, so why expect human body to do so.
Great reminder to be even more present to the communication of my body, as well as the emotions and thoughts
Take care everyone. Hope you are keeping yourself hydrated, enjoying lovely healthy meals that your body, mind and soul will thank you for.
All the best,
Eva ️

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