On the bus to work this morning I started reflecting on my “to do” list before the Confident Woman Freedom cards launch date at the end of Aug 2017. I started feeling uncertain about things I had to do, that I’ve never done before. My uncertainty followed by familiar fearful questions from my dear friend “inner critic”. So I listened and observed my response to what it had to say. Looking out the window, I re-focused my bleary gaze and brought my attention to light reflecting on the trees. What a beautiful sight, I thought. The leafs bathing in the glorious sunshine, showing of different shades of green. I asked myself “why am I creating this deck of cards?” … my heart filled with joy “because I believe it will contribute to people experiencing even more self-love, joy, inner peace and freedom. So my “to do” list turned into “get to do” list. I reassured myself. If I don’t know what to do, I will find out what to do. Someone, somewhere out there has done what I’m wanting to do. They found a way and so will I The “What if I did know?” card from the CWF deck flashed across my mind. I remembered, I’ve written about this in the guide book for this card. Listen to and acknowledge your concerns / fears, bring your focus to the present moment to interrupt the critic’s rant and choose where you place your focus next … usually by asking a more empowering questions. I am so grateful I was able to use the gift of mindfulness to bring peace to my morning experience … sooner rather than later this time 😉

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